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Astell&Kern launch 3 New items

by Craig Moffat 22 May 2022


Astell&Kern, The global leader in premium portable high-resolution audio devices, has announced three new audio products ahead of High End in Munich. This tantalising trio includes the powerful KANN MAX portable digital audio player, the hi-fi grade AK HC2 Dual DAC cable and the innovative Pathfinder hybrid earphones (IEMs).

All three are available for PRE ORDER at OTIC

KANN MAX Digital Audio Player

The KANN MAX is the 4th model in Astell&Kern's acclaimed KANN series. Adored by audiophiles all over the world for its performance focused on high output and ultra-clear sound, the KANN MAX achieves a higher power output (15Vrms) than its award-winning predecessor, the KANN ALPHA. By applying advanced design and audio technology, this newfound power is also housed in a more compact and lightweight chassis. The result is an even wider variety of headphones, including sophisticated high impedance models, can be optimally driven without the need for additional amplification

Astell&Kern PATHFINDER In Ear Monitors

Astell&Kern has teamed up with Campfire Audio, a U.S. designer and manufacturer of premium hand-built earphones, to introduce the PATHFINDER in-ear monitor (IEM). Following the successful SOLARIS X collaboration, the all-new jointly developed PATHFINDER takes hybrid IEM design to another level. These sophisticated earphones feature advanced Dual-Chamber Balanced Armature (BA) Driver technology to reach new heights in audio realism

Astell&Kern HC2 USB Dual DAC

Introducing the AK HC2 Dual DAC Cable, an uncompromising and ultra-compact way of transforming the audio of your iOS and Android smartphone and tablet and Windows or Apple laptop computer. Following on from the AK HC1 (PEE51), this portable DAC arrives with a 4.4mm balanced headphone connection so audiophiles and music fans can seamlessly drive their high-resolution headphones of choice and experience original studio-quality sounds, whether on-the-move or listening from a desktop.

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