Premium Digital Audio Players from Shanling and FiiO
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Premium Digital Audio Players from Shanling and FiiO

by Jack Spencer 23 May 2022

OTIC has a range of digital audio players which are ideal for storing and playing high-resolution music or media files.

Capable of playing most digital files, Digital Audio Players are designed to produce the finest audio output. They’re ideal for smartphone users who are passionate about music and looking to enjoy the finest quality audio.

Among our digital audio players are those from Shanling and FiiO, both of which offer exceptional performance.

Whether you’re looking for a portable or desktop audio player, you’ll find them among our range.

This collection includes the Shanling EA5 Desktop Digital Music Player which has a highly stylish and sophisticated design. Designed as the ultimate multifunctional music centre, it can be controlled remotely using an app on your phone. It can be used in a wide range of scenarios and works wirelessly using Wi-Fi and bluetooth.

Our digital audio players also include the FiiO X5s MQ Lossless Digital Music Player.

This Android-based player offers incredible audio quality and looks as good as it sounds. Features include dual crystal oscillators for faithfully reproduced music.

We also have the Shanling M3x Hi Res Digital Audio Player which was designed as a scaled down version of our flagship M8. This makes it more budget-friendly along with an easy to transport player.

OTIC is a high-end audio retailer who brings you products directly from the artisans.

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