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iFi Audio DAC & Headphone Amplifiers stockist UK

Born in England in 2012 as the brainchild of ultra-hi-fi company AMR, iFi was conceived to deliver portable and desktop audio products that addressed the growing trend of computer-based audio. More and more people were using headphones to listen to music, but plugging them straight into smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on, thus placing their music at the mercy of the inferior DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) and amp circuitry contained within these devices.

iFi was one of the first companies to manufacture high-performance DAC/headphone amps for portable use, thus delivering a superior sonic solution for the age of music streaming via computers and smart devices.

Nowadays, iFi’s product range encompasses all manner of devices to enhance the pleasure of music listening, whether the source is digital or analogue.

From portable devices to home hi-fi components and accessories – and even all-in-one audio systems – you can rely on iFi to convey music with its heart and soul intact, owing to innovative design and proprietary technologies that capture its energy, scale and detail.
With a vast and continually growing collection of awards to its name, iFi is now a true global leader in high-performance audio – delivering music to your ears in full and vibrant colour.
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