OTIC - High End Portable Audio Sales Specialists UK

DUNU innovates for music lovers. Our mission has been to be at the cutting edge of audio, creating premium, high-resolution, dynamic & hybrid in ears monitors and earphones for the most demanding audio enthusiasts. With roots as an ODM/OEM establishment that produced products for the largest and most prominent audio & telecommunications companies on the planet, DUNU has dedicated itself to the development and manufacture of professional and consumer earphone products since 1994.

It is with this vast experience and a trailblazing nature that spurred DUNU to march forward with its own brand in 2006. Armed with a pioneering staff, an extensive suite of advanced audio testing equipment (replete with a Brüel & Kjær head-and-torso simulator, multiple spectral analyzers, and dedicated anechoic chamber), and comprehensive production facilities, the company spurred innovation by taking driver development fully in-house, developing myriad composite, metal, and micron thickness diaphragms --- down to the 4 μm level. Along the way, DUNU has managed to acquire multiple internationally-recognized acoustic research achievements and patents --- milestones we're extremely proud of.

Through this freeform exploration of personal audio, DUNU has also managed to engage the enthusiast and audiophile community to release products that reflect their priorities. Sonic performance and utter value come hand in hand for a DUNU product; the company is able to offer a maximum level of audio refinement for every type of music lover, within every range of price envelope. And as DUNU finishes its second decade of continuous operation and production, we will continue to further this mantra and deliver an unprecedented, technically novel audio experience for every person that uses a DUNU product.