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Explore a world of premium audio with iBasso – a leading innovator in digital audio players, DACs, and In-Ear Monitors. Immerse yourself in unparalleled sound quality as you discover the perfect synergy of cutting-edge technology and exceptional design. Elevate your audio experience with iBasso's renowned products, designed to meet the demands of audiophiles worldwide. Upgrade to the pinnacle of portable audio with our Digital Audio Players, complemented by the precision of iBasso DACs and the immersive comfort of In-Ear Monitors. Unleash the true potential of your music, wherever you go, with iBasso's uncompromising commitment to audio excellence.

Founded in 2006, iBasso Audio specialises in developing and producing portable headphone amplifiers, DACs, digital audio players, in-ear monitors, and full-sized headphones.

In 2011, it successfully bypassed the Android ALSA driver, and developed the world's first 24bit/192kHz Android audio player. It was a milestone for high-resolution portable audio players, that enabled high-resolution online streaming.