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Ifi Audio Headphone Amplifier & DAC Stockist UK

Welcome to iFi Audio – born in England in 2012 as the brainchild of ultra-hi-fi company AMR. Our journey began with a vision to provide superior audio experiences, addressing the surge in computer-based music consumption. Recognizing the limitations of standard DACs and amp circuitry within devices, iFi emerged as a pioneer, crafting high-performance DAC/headphone amps for portable use.

iFast forward to today, iFi Audio stands at the forefront of audio innovation, offering a diverse range of products designed to elevate the joy of music listening, whether in digital or analogue form. Our portfolio spans portable devices, home hi-fi components, accessories, and all-in-one audio systems.

Experience music with its heart and soul intact, thanks to our innovative design and proprietary technologies that capture energy, scale, and detail. From portable solutions to home hi-fi setups, iFi Audio ensures your music resonates authentically.

From portable devices to home hi-fi components and accessories - and even all-in-one audio systems - you can rely on iFi to convey music with its heart and soul intact, owing to innovative design and proprietary technologies that capture its energy, scale and detail.

Embraced globally and adorned with a growing collection of awards, iFi Audio has solidified its position as a true leader in high-performance audio. Let us bring your music to life in full and vibrant color – because at iFi Audio, we believe in delivering an audio experience that transcends expectations.