State-of-the-Art Audio Products from Astell&Kern
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State-of-the-Art Audio Products from Astell&Kern

by OTIC 04 Jul 2022 0 Comments

Want to bring your listening experience to the next level?

One of our leading brands includes Astell&Kern which brings you products that deliver exceptional sound quality. The name Astell&Kern combines the German words for ‘star’ and ‘centre, reflecting the fact their products create a ‘centre’ of music.

Choose Astell&Kern and you’re guaranteed to hear the difference. This is the type of sound quality that will transform the way you listen to music.

Their products include the Kann Max Digital Audio Player which is stylish and well-loved by audiophiles all over the world. Housed in a compact and lightweight chassis, it delivers an incredible audio experience. A superior quad DAC, it is the first player in the KANN series to be equipped with four ES9038Q2M DACs for a high-output performance.

Among their collection, you’ll also find AK UW100 True Wireless Earbuds which are £249.00 and the product of their audio technology experts, who are dedicated to delivering a class-leading, truly wireless hi-fi-grade sound.

You’ll also love their Pathfinder IEM In-Ear Monitors, a celebrated product that recreates the deep, rich sound of Astell&Kern. They deliver a wider frequency range, realistic reproduction, and a perfect balance. This brand’s products look as great as they sound. These in-ear monitors have a precision milled aluminium shell and are made with high-quality aluminium, which is anodized into a pitch-black “Night Sky” colour.

Last but not least, there’s their AK HC2 DAC which is priced at £169.00 and is an ultra-compact way of transforming the audio of your iOS and Android smartphone. It’s also perfect for a tablet and Windows or Apple laptop computer.

Discover more about Astell&Kern or explore their latest products today. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.

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