Premium HiFiMan Planar-magnetic Headphones
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Premium HiFiMan Planar-magnetic Headphones

by OTIC 25 Jul 2022 0 Comments

Established in New York, HiFiMan headphones are as cool as the city itself. One of the top audio brands, investing in their headphones will transform your listening experience.

Their planar magnetic technology offers superior sounding experiences in terms of quality and soundstage. Although planar magnetic headphones are more expensive to make, they offer many advantages over conventional dynamic ones.

These are ideal if you’re looking to upgrade from traditional headphones. HiFiMan also designs and manufactures best-in-class dynamic in-ear drivers. These have won numerous awards and are well-loved by their customers.

Their premium products include HiFiMan Sundara Planar Headphones which are ideal if you want low levels of distortion.

Featuring super-thin diaphragms for enhanced detail and speed, they deliver an incredibly lifelike sound to listeners. Priced at £299.00, they are efficient enough to be driven by most built-in headphone stages or even a smartphone.

Their range also includes HiFiMan Ananda Planar Headphones that are open backed headphones with outstanding sound quality. With their dynamic realism, you can take your listening experience to the next level.

Then there’s the HiFiMan Arya Planar Headphones which are the result of extensive research. Thanks to their lighter diaphragms, they provide a faster response and a linear spread of sound across the speaker, reducing the level of distortion. They also have an advanced layout for clarity.

This collection also includes HiFiMAN HE6se Planar Headphones, considered to be one of the audio market’s most natural and transparent headphones.

Find out more about these premium headphones or contact our friendly team for more information.

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