Exceptional Quality In-Ear Monitors From EarSonics
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Exceptional Quality In-Ear Monitors From EarSonics

by OTIC 05 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Looking for the best high-end audio products?

Whether you're a professional musician or sound engineer, Earsonics won’t let you down. Their in-ear monitors have been tested in even the most testing conditions and deliver the kind of sound precision that can’t be beaten.

EarSonics was conceived by a musician and sound engineer who wanted to create in-ear monitors which delivered the exceptional quality he was after. Below are detailed some of their latest premium audio products.

First up is the EarSonics GRACE Platinum In Ear Monitors which deliver a melodious and detailed sound beyond your imagination. Like all their in-ear monitors, they’re designed and assembled in our laboratories by hand in France. They reflect the best of this brand and deliver high acoustic performance over a wide bandwidth ranging from 10 Hz to 20 KHz.

Then there’s their EarSonics CORSA In Ear Monitors (2022 model) that offers the unprecedented coupling of our 3D acrylic structure with an architecture 100% composed of balanced armature speakers.

Enjoy a beautiful, high-end audio performance.

We also have the EarSonics BLADE In Ear Monitors that are ideal for audiophiles who want the ultimate combination of sound, ergonomics and design. Despite offering exceptional quality, these in-ear monitors are still at a more accessible price.

This collection also includes the EarSonics PURPLE -HR- In Ear Monitors. This stylish technology is the result of technical know-how along with musical versatility

Lastly, there’s EarSonics ONYX In Ear Monitors that is an 100% exclusive earphone with the primary characteristics of dynamism, precision and balance. Because of skillful proportioning in the sound processing, the ONYX maintains a perfect balance and a faithful transcription of the timbres at all listening volumes.

For more information on any of our audio products, simply contact our team for more information.

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