Digital Audio Players And Headphone Amps From Cayin
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Digital Audio Players And Headphone Amps From Cayin

by OTIC 15 Aug 2022 0 Comments

OTIC loves helping our customers discover premium audio brands that deliver a stunning listening experience.

That includes our hardware partner Cayin, a multi-award-winning company. Established in 1993, Cayin has products to suit a range of budgets, with their range boasting 400 products to date. That includes a vast selection of speakers and portable audio.

Choose Cayin and you’ll enjoy exceptional performance capabilities at attractive prices.

Latest products in their range include the luxurious Cayin N8ii Flagship Digital Audio Player.

Their new flagship player, the Cayin N8ii can operate in pure class A or class AB to adjust sound and adapt to your preferences. This device is ideal for passionate audiophiles and even more ambitious than the Cayin N8 first generation.

OTIC also has the Cayin N6ii Hi-Res Digital Audio Player, the brand’s first modular based portable player. This device comes with music pre-installed as well as HiBy Link. By using the HiBy Link app on your phone you can adjust the volume, remote control playback, manage and search music library and create playlists.

Amps that are the result of exceptional engineering expertise.

Then there’s the Cayin C9 Portable Headphone Amp which is a stunning addition to their range. They’re designed to work with a large range of earphones and have two modes to play your music at optimal levels.

Last but not least is the Cayin RU6 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier that’s a highly affordable amplifier that comes with a choice of different coloured leather cases.The R-2R is famous for its natural and realistic sound signature, delivering a next-level experience for music lovers.

For more information on any of these products, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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