FiiO FT3: Elevating Over-Ear Headphone Excellence
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FiiO FT3: Elevating Over-Ear Headphone Excellence

by Craig Moffat 28 Feb 2024 0 Comments

FiiO FT3 Headphones with dark background and stylish image

FiiO has long been synonymous with exceptional IEMs, players, and DACs, but their latest venture into over-ear headphones with the FiiO FT3 Headphone suggests a new era for the brand. Representing FiiO's second foray into headphone territory, the FiiO FT3 demonstrates considerable evolution since their initial attempt. Boasting sizable 60mm dynamic drivers, a distinctive design, comfortable fit, and impressive sound quality, these headphones exceed expectations for their class. With its compelling features and performance, the FiiO FT3 emerges as a compelling choice and a straightforward recommendation.

- Headphone Type: Dynamic driver headphones
- Frequency Response:7Hz-40kHz
- Driver Type: 60mm dynamic driver
- Diaphragm Material: Beryllium-plated gasket+DLC diaphragm
- Impedance: 350 ohms
- Sensitivity: 102dB (1Vrms)@1kHz
- Weight: About 391g (excluding cable)
- Earpad Pressure: 4.0N +/- 0.3N
- Cable Length: About 3m
- Cable Material: Furukawa monocrystalline copper wire
- Headphone Connector: Dual 3.5mm

Fiio FT3 - First Impressions and Key Features:
The Fiio FT3 represents a leap forward in over-ear headphone technology, offering an audiophile-grade experience at a more accessible price point. Beyond exceptional sound quality, the FT3 excels in build quality, comfort, and included accessories.

Upon receiving the FT3, the packaging immediately impresses, housed in a sizable cardboard box featuring an image of the headphones. Within, a spacious hardshell case, trimmed in luxurious brown leather, awaits, surpassing typical offerings at this price range. Nestled inside are leather ear cushions, enhancing the premium presentation.

Inside the case, meticulous attention to detail is evident. The headphones and accessories are thoughtfully arranged, ensuring convenience during travel. The included swappable terminations are securely protected, while the lengthy cable is neatly organized with a velcro strap.

The FT3's design is distinct, evoking both admiration and debate. Sporting open-backs accented with a futuristic bladed wheel, the design is unconventional yet lacks the refinement of more mature offerings. Nevertheless, the construction is top-notch, predominantly crafted from aluminum and leather for durability and comfort. The suspension strap enhances weight distribution, ensuring prolonged wear remains comfortable.

The included ear cushions further enhance comfort, with both leather and suede options provided. While the sound signature varies slightly between the two, both offer a plush listening experience. The use of large 60mm dynamic drivers, coated with beryllium and diamond-like carbon, ensures exceptional sonic performance with impressive dynamic range. However, with a high impedance of 350 ohms, driving these headphones requires a dedicated amplifier.

Thankfully, the FT3 accommodates various setups with modular terminations, allowing seamless connection to different devices. The included cable, crafted from premium monocrystalline copper wire, delivers outstanding audio transmission. Despite its length, managing the cable may pose a challenge, albeit a minor one compared to the freedom it affords.

Fiio FT3 - Listening Impressions:
The FT3's sound profile shines with the aid of an amplifier, offering a warm neutral tone that captivates across genres. The bass is articulate and detailed, with sufficient depth to enrich the listening experience without overwhelming other frequencies. The midrange exhibits clarity and presence, particularly enhancing vocal and instrumental performances. Treble reproduction is smooth yet detailed, striking a fine balance between clarity and airiness.

Technical performance is impressive, with a wide soundstage and precise imaging that elevates the listening experience. While the open-back design enhances spaciousness, it also contributes to sound leakage, limiting practicality for portable use. However, for dedicated home listening, the benefits far outweigh this drawback.

Gaming with the FT3 is a delight, thanks to its immersive soundstage and precise audio cues. Comfort remains exceptional even during extended gaming sessions, ensuring fatigue-free enjoyment. Overall, the Fiio FT3 surpasses expectations, offering a compelling alternative to higher-priced competitors.

Final Thoughts:
The Fiio FT3 represents a significant achievement, delivering audiophile-grade performance at a compelling price point. Its combination of exceptional sound quality, comfort, and versatility make it a standout choice for discerning listeners. While not budget-friendly, the FT3 offers excellent value for those seeking a durable, future-proof investment in audio excellence.

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