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Ready To Upgrade To Wireless Headphones In 2022?

by OTIC 09 May 2022 0 Comments

Wireless headphones aren’t just the future, they’re increasingly becoming the present. Newer models of mobile phones and laptops are even being made without headphone jacks. With our premium headphones, you can enjoy a stunning performance from the most sophisticated technology available.

The benefits of wireless headphones are clear: if preferred, you can wave goodbye to the constant aggro of wires, which rarely last longer than a year. You enjoy better sound quality. It’s easier than ever to enjoy the music and audio you love, whether at home or on the move.

OTIC has competitive prices on many high quality wireless headphones, including those from Astell & Kern, EarSonics, and SoftEars.

These premium wireless headphones come directly from the Artisans who create them. We also have a wonderful choice of digital audio players, wireless earphones, headphone amplifiers, desktop DACs and streamers.

All our earphones and headphones look as great as they perform.

Our latest products include these Softears Volume 1DD 2BA Reference Hybrid IEM. These innovative headphones have a groundbreaking dynamic driver combined with the accuracy of a nouveau mid-high BA configuration. They’re so impressive they’re a strong contender for Earphone of the Year 2022.

We also have these EarSonics Purple HR In Ear Monitors which are hand-built in France and enable you to benefit from many technological advances.

OTIC also has our new True Wireless Astell & Kern UW100s which are designed for a clearer, more accurate and dynamic audio experience.

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